At Woodhey High School, pupils are at the centre of everything we do. We strive hard to help each child to maximise their achievement and develop into confident and successful individuals, prepared for future challenges in an ever-changing world.
As both a Headteacher and a parent, I want the same for your child as I would for my own. This includes excellent teaching and learning, up-to-date facilities and extensive opportunities beyond the curriculum, all in a secure and caring environment. You will find that Woodhey fulfils all of these expectations, with an experienced, supportive and forward-thinking staff who are always looking to help the school improve further.
The strengths and positive ethos of our school are best seen at first hand, and I invite you all to visit Woodhey and see for yourself.

Brian Roadnight, Headteacher

Mission Statement

Current Mission Statement
“Woodhey High School strives for all-round excellence in a dynamic, secure, happy and caring community where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential for life.”

Vision Statement
Woodhey is a dynamic school of opportunity. Pupils and staff have both the desire and determination to reach their full potential in a safe and supportive environment. Our aim is to achieve outstanding status.
Mutual respect, high expectation and ambition are at the heart of everything we do.
The contribution of stakeholders and their pride in the school is welcomed and valued.Our focus is to offer a wider and more cohesive service to the community.
School life at Woodhey encourages pupils and staff to work hard, play hard, achieve success, and be prepared for the challenges of life.

Pursuit of Excellence
Collective Responsibility
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Raising Achievement Increasing Opportunities Improving Learning Protecting & Improving Well-Being

Woodhey Safeguarding

Links to essential Safeguarding information.

Safeguarding at Woodhey

Woodhey SEN

Links to essential SEN information.

SEN Policy


Why does cyber-bullying often happen between children who were friends?

Should I contact the school if my child has been a victim of cyber-bullying?

What is cyber-bullying?

What is the English Baccalaureate and how important is it?

Why have a school uniform?

What is the national statutory guidance on uniform?

Make-up is not allowed. What will happen if my child wears make-up?

Jewellery is not allowed. What happens if my child wears jewellery?

What is inappropriate uniform?

What is appropriate footwear?

What time does school start?

(Terminology from Ofsted Report). What is meant by the term 'safeguarding'?

(Terminology from Ofsted Report) Ofsted said that improvements in teaching have not had enough impact on pupil progress. How do Ofsted judge pupil progress?

(Terminology from Ofsted Report). What is meant by the term 'disadvantaged pupils'?

What are the school rules relating to trousers?

What are the school rules relating to socks?

What is an inappropriate hairstyle?

What is the Isolation Room?

What is the school rule relating to mobile phones?

Why do the government say that there is more money in schools than ever before, when schools speak of reduced funding?

Why do schools have less money to spend now than a few years ago?

Why has there been a reduction in support from external services?

Why do schools ban the use of mobile phones in school?

What is the school rule relating to headphones/earphones/earpods?

What do the terms `fixed-term` exclusion and `permanent exclusion` mean?

What is the detention procedure and why has it been changed?

What is `defiance` and what sanction will be applied?

What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

I am a parent with a child with special educational needs. What if I want to make a complaint about the provision ?

How does a parents' evening run at Woodhey?

How have Year 8 groupings been arranged for the Covid-2020 timetable?

Holiday Pattern

Holidays starting in 2022
Spring Half Term
Fri   11/02/2022
Mon   21/02/2022
Easter Holiday
Fri   01/04/2022
Tue   19/04/2022
Mon   25/04/2022
PA Day (Closed for Pupils)
May Bank Holiday
Fri   29/04/2022
Tue   03/05/2022
Summer Half Term
Fri   27/05/2022
Mon   06/06/2022
Summer Holiday
Thu   21/07/2022
Mon   05/09/2022
Thu   01/09/2022
PA Day (Closed for Pupils)
Fri   02/09/2022
PA Day (Closed for Pupils)

Woodhey Staff List

A comprehensive list of the staff at Woodhey.

Woodhey Staff List

Woodhey Governors List

A comprehensive list of Governors, term dates and the categories they represent.

Woodhey Governors List

School Prospectus

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