Introducing our Senior Student Ambassadors 2024!

Following a rigorous recruitment process, that included an application form and then formal interview with Mr Watson, Mrs Hoyle (Chair of the Academy Council), Mrs Lomax and Mr Bennett, we have appointed our new Senior Student Ambassadors for the upcoming academic year. We are delighted to introduce are six students, and they are equally as delighted to share a little bit of information about themselves and their ambitions for the role below:

‘Hi I’m Maisie, and I’m very grateful being in the role of senior ambassador this year and looking forward to it. I would say that I am a caring, friendly, thoughtful person who will always look out for other students.
As part of this team, I’m aiming to ensure that students’ ideas and thoughts about the school are heard. I also want to make sure that students have people to listen to their worries and concerns.’

‘Firstly, I would like to say how much I appreciate the opportunity of being part of the Senior Ambassador team. I am passionate about all areas of school life, and I will strive to ensure every individual feels safe and happy at Woodhey High School. As an individual, I believe that I am driven, confident and kind-hearted making me approachable and relatable. As part of the Woodhey community, I have always made consistent contributions and been involved in numerous sports, fundraising and performing arts events. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in these experiences and I personally believe that every student should have the opportunity to also be involved in such events. Outside of school, I have great interest in performing arts, sport and fashion. 
As part of the Senior Ambassador team, some of the things I am aiming to improve are, ensuring that all lessons are engaging and productive, there are varied opportunities available for all students and finally that there are good connections between staff and students.’

‘Hi, my name is Chloe, and I am proud to call myself part of the senior ambassador team. I am excited for the new opportunities the roll will bring in the upcoming year and to wholeheartedly embrace them. I look forward to bringing an empathetic perspective to the role, ultimately to benefit students at Woodhey. 
My aims within the role are to provide support for younger years and ensure direct communication is established between the student body and senior leadership team. As senior ambassador, I will present the perspective of the student body confidently and accurately.’

‘Hi, I’m Jake a member of the Head Ambassador team this year. I am driven by music and enjoy being part of a team. Previously in Woodhey I have taken part in school shows, extra curricular activities and I am also part of a band which has worked hard to compete and win Bury Battle of the Bands and Manchester Battle of the Bands. This year I am excited to have the chance to help change the school in a positive way with the ambition to bring an empathetic and understanding approach to being a Senior Ambassador. I would like my peers and fellow students to feel comfortable to approach us, knowing they can trust us to be a bridge between students and all members of staff.
I would also like to use our huge Woodhey community platform and reach to share with our local community how incredible young people can be, whilst helping our local charities and the Ramsbottom area. This might be fundraising, helping out locals or volunteering in the area. I look forward to getting started and will do my best to be a great representative of our student body.’

‘Hello I am Ivy and I will be one of your senior ambassadors here at Woodhey next year.  In my time at Woodhey I have participated in many school events but my favourite of these will have to be the school concerts and performances as in my opinion they are the most fun and enjoyable.  Next year I would really like to look into relationships between teachers and students and make sure every student in the school feels safe and supported here at Woodhey. I hope this will lead to students feeling even more comfortable to share their personal concerns with teachers meaning that they can be supported and helped in the correct way and assisted when necessary.’

‘Hi, I'm Jacob and I'll be one of the senior ambassadors going into next year. Throughout my time at Woodhey, I have always taken an active role in representing our school. For me, this consisted mainly of being a part of lots of sports and athletics teams in competitions and tournaments.
As a Senior Ambassador, I would like to try and improve communication throughout school by working closer with both staff and students. I think this is very important as I believe that it would help to create a feeling of school being an even more close-knit community and would promote feelings of belonging within everyone.’

We cannot wait to work with our new ambassador team to continue to make #TeamWoodhey an even better place for all of our students.