Understanding Your Results

Exam Policies

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) oversees all aspects of examinations and assessments. Candidates must read the documents below prior to starting any non-examination assessments, course work, onscreen tests or sitting examinations:

Exam Room Rules

Ofqual Letter Summer 2023 Exam Series

Ofqual Student Guide 2023

Student Guide to Exams and Assessments 2023


GCSE & External Exam Information

Parent/Carer Letters

Unique Learner Number

From 2014 it is a statutory requirement by the Department of Education (DfE) that all students in the UK who have reached the age of fourteen must be assigned a Unique Learner Number (ULN). These numbers are obtained from a government agency called the Learning Records Service (LRS).  In order to ensure our data is DfE compliant, we have already started the process of obtaining these numbers from the LRS and have added them to the student records on our school database.

It is a further requirement of the DfE that all students are formally advised of their ULN so that they can keep this information for future reference and be able to access their Personal Learner Record held by the Skills Funding Agency, at any time going forward. The Personal Learner Record is a database of qualifications achieved.

The LRS and the Skills Funding Agency have compiled Privacy Notices about why the ULN is required and what it is being used for. A copy of the extended notice can be found here.

Please note that students may be required to produce this number in the future, e.g. when moving to another school, post-16 provider or when applying to a university. Please therefore ensure that this number is kept safe, as it is likely to be needed for many years in the future. If the number is lost, you can contact the school for the information; please note that once the student is no longer attending the school, proof of identification will be required in order to release the number.