Subject Information

We study the following exam boards:

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Art (AQA)

Biology (AQA)

Business (Pearson)

Chemistry (AQA)

Combined Science Trilogy (AQA)

Computer Science (OCR)

Dance (AQA)

Design and Technology (Pearson)

Drama (Pearson)

English Language (AQA)

English Literature (AQA)

Film Studies (Eduqas)

Food Preparation and Nutrition (AQA)

Geography (AQA)

History (Pearson)

Mathematics (OCR)

Music (AQA)

Physical Education (OCR)

Physics (AQA)

Religious Studies (AQA)

Sociology (AQA)

Spanish (AQA)

Cambridge Nationals:

Year 11 Child Development

Year 10 Child Development

Year 11 Creative Media

Year 10 Creative Media

Year 11 Enterprise and Marketing


Year 10 and Year 11 Home Cooking Skills

Year 11 Travel and Tourism

Year 10 Travel and Tourism