Woodhey High School’s individual target for attendance is 100%. Government minimum expectations for attendance is 95%.

The school expects all our pupils to attend all day every day, achieving 100% attendance. Should your child’s attendance drop to 95% attendance in ONE SCHOOL YEAR ALONE your child will miss 9 school days and at least 45 hours’ worth of lessons.

Recent research shows there is a positive correlation between attendance and achievement so 95% equates to dropping at least half a GCSE grade. 90% attendance equates to 19 days lost, at least 95 hours’ worth of lessons and a drop by at least one whole GCSE grade.

If your child has medical appointments try to book them outside of school hours, or if this is not feasible, as near to the end of the school day as possible. This will reduce the hours of lessons missed and will allow your child to obtain their attendance marks in morning and afternoon registration.

Attendance % for a year Days absent Hours of lessons missed
95% 9 45
90% 19 95
85% 29 145
80% 38 190
75% 48 240
70% 57 285
65% 67 335

Term Time Absence Request Form

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