If you are eligible for free school meals, not only will your child receive a free meal each day at the school, the school will receive additional funding for all eligible students. Free school meal eligibility also attracts Bury Council's supermarket holiday vouchers and the new school uniform grant.

Please click the link below for more information on eligibility.

Bury Council Free School Meals

Apply for free school meals

Please click on the link below to apply to Bury Council for free school meals if you live: 

  • in Bury Council's area and your child attends a school either in or outside the borough
  • in Manchester Council's area and your child attends a school in Bury 

You will need yours and your partner's National Insurance numbers or National Asylum Support Service numbers.

When you apply, the local authority will check with the Department for Work and Pensions or HM Revenues and Customs that you are receiving a qualifying income. If they confirm you are eligible, they will let your child's school know. If they cannot confirm your income they will ask you provide proof of it to them.

Free School Meals Application Form