The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Full uniform must be worn in school and when journeying to and from school. When a student is admitted, it is on condition that parents/carers accept our school uniform regulations, and therefore it is assumed that parents/carers are willing to ensure that their child conforms to these in every respect.

In selecting our school uniform, we have attempted to combine the important factors of neatness, practicality and easy availability. We have tried to avoid burdening parents with unnecessary expenditure on highly distinctive and expensive items of clothing, whilst still achieving high standards of appearance.

For students starting in Year 7 in September 2024, they will be required to wear the Woodhey 'year' tie, that's maroon with two purple stripes (see picture below). All students must wear a white shirt and Woodhey tie, however for students in year groups 9 to 11, the students will have the choice of wearing either a pink blouse or a white shirt.


Uniform list:

This uniform list applies to all students in all year groups and is compulsory, unless stated as optional.

  • Blazer: Maroon blazer with school badge on breast pocket from approved school uniform suppliers.
  • Shirt/Blouse: White, straight-collared (standard fit, no soft collar, designed to be tucked into trousers) or pink blouse (only Year 9 - Year 11).
  • Tie: maroon with purple stripes (This will be available from school, but also from uniform suppliers).
  • Jumper (optional): Plain maroon v-necked jumper
  • Trousers: Black, plain trousers. These must be tailored, suit style. bootcut, pleated or straight design. (NO tight fit, lycra, jersey, stretch trousers, chinos. leggings or jeans).
  • Skirt: Maroon tartan box pleat skirt (MUST BE WORN KNEE LENGTH) from approved school uniform suppliers.
  • Tailored Shorts: KNEE LENGTH Black, plain tailored shorts (optional and can be worn throughout the academic year).
  • Socks: White, grey, charcoal or black socks.
  • Shoes: Black, sensible shoes without badges, coloured bands or coloured laces (canvas footwear and trainers are not allowed). These should have a shoe sole, not a trainer sole.
  • Outer Coat: Optional, but necessary during inclement weather. If worn, it should be a practical coat and should cover the blazer.

(No ‘Hoodies’ or sweatshirts. They are not waterproof and are often too small to wear over the blazer)

Other aspects of uniform:

  • Jewellery: No jewellery apart from a wristwatch. Students are permitted to wear one stud in each ear.
  • Make-up: Make-up is not allowed, including no false eyelashes and no fake tan.
  • Nails: Nail polish/extensions/false nails are not part of school uniform and must be removed.
  • Hair: No unnatural hair styles or fashions. Only hair colours which are natural are allowed (no bright reds or other vibrant colours, no dip dye).
  • Religious headdress: Students are permitted to wear any headdress that is relevant to their religion. All religious headdress must be plain black.
  • Belts: Plain black belts are permitted.


Essential Kit

  • Black football socks.
  • White sports socks.
  • Black shorts with maroon side detail and school badge.
  • Black performance t-shirt with maroon piping and embroidered school badge.
  • Appropriate indoor training shoes and astro trainers/boots.

Optional Kit

  • Black hoodie with maroon shoulder panels and embroidered school badge.
  • Black tracksuit pants with embroidered school badge.
  • Black and maroon rain jacket with embroidered school badge.

Practical Work:

  • An apron for practical work in workshops is required.
  • Geometry Set: containing ruler, pencil, compass, protractor and eraser.


Monkhouses Schoolwear

86 The Rock

Tel: 0161 764 4320

Murray Ltd

26 Bridge Street

Tel: 01706 281812

Pretty Things

14 Market Parade

Tel: 0161 761 1365

SK Kits

73 Lumb Carr Road

Tel: 01706 829840

Uniform supplied by these suppliers has been checked by the school and is of the correct style and colour, of good quality and is available all year round. Prices vary.

Garments from other clothing suppliers may be used, but the style and colour must be identical. Experience shows that quality is variable. 

Parents who have genuine financial difficulty in obtaining uniform should contact the Head of Year.