Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Quality Mark - May 2024

Woodhey was recognised on a national scale for the school's work to create a truly inclusive environment for both students and staff and for how the school educates its students on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) to ensure that they are fully prepared to be respectful and tolerant citizens in society. Assessors noted how ED&I is championed through the school, the support that students receive and how multiculturalism is promoted and differences celebrated through the school's diverse curriculum. They also credited the school's support of staff in helping them to feel safe and support in having open and transparent conversations on ED&I


Inclusive Excellence: Committed - March 2024

The school was recognised for its commitment to providing an inclusive education and working environment. It recognises the school's commitment to developing inclusive policies and procedures; ensuring the site is accessible for all; ensuring it seeks the views of its workforce and ensures all voices have the opportunity to be heard; providing learning and development for all staff to ensure they can meet the needs of all the students; and the work the school does to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

FFT Attendance Award - February 2024

For the second term running, the school was recognised for its excellent attendance, again being celebrated as one of the top performing schools in the country for attendance.




AllergyWise School - January 2024

Woodhey was recognised for the practices it takes to keep students and staff who have allergies safe. Working towards the accreditation, the school was required to train a range of staff in the use of managing allergic reactions, including administering EpiPens, educating students about how to recognise allergic reactions, and ensure that it has robust practices in place to manage allergies in school.

Friendly WiFi - the safe certification standard for public WiFi - November 2023

In April 2023, the school introduced 1:1 iPads for all students, and immediately started working towards the Friendly WiFi accreditation. The accreditation demonstrates that the school takes highly effective steps to keep students safe online through the filtering and monitoring processes for online working for students and staff across the school.

Music Mark - September 2023

The school was recognised for its excellent music provision both in the curriculum and extracurricular activities. It is a reflection of the broad curriculum, including Samba and The Blues; extensive extracurricular offer, such as ukuleles, karaoke and orchestras; and close links with Bury Music Service to offer a wide range of instrumental lessons. 


FFT Attendance Award - June 2023

The school was recognised for its excellent attendance and improved attendance, resulting in the school receiving certification for being in the top 25% of secondary schools for our attendance.