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Headteacher's Welcome

Everything we do at Woodhey is underpinned by our two core values: Respect and Excellence. We believe in the importance of respect for all, regardless of background, and the belief and willingness to strive for excellence to ensure everyone can achieve their very best. We want our students to be able to compete with the elite from across the country and be fully prepared for life after school. Click here to read full message.

We're Hiring

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If you’re interested in joining #TeamWoodhey, please click the button below for all available vacancies.

We're Hiring

Transition to Woodhey

Embarking on the journey from primary to secondary school is a big step, and at Woodhey, we're committed to making it an exciting and smooth transition for every student. Click here to find out about our TRANSITION programme.

Progress 8 score
% Grade 5 or above in English and Maths GCSE
Attainment 8 score
% English and Maths 4+ (standard pass)

Mission Statement

To be a centre of excellence, where students, staff and the community are proud to work together to broaden our horizons, exceed our aspirations and where everyone achieves their full potential.


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