All pupils at Woodhey High School have an equal entitlement to quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). This serves to prepare students for choices and transitions impacting their future education, training and employment. We adhere to the Statutory Guidance to schools (January 2018), the Inspiring IAG Code of practice and are working towards the Gatsby benchmarks and the Quality in Careers Standard, as delivered by Inspiring IAG.

Woodhey Careers Lead is Mrs C. Lomax

Contact Mrs Lomax


Tel: 01706 825215 (option 6)

Implementation and delivery

Our CEIAG provision is delivered in a range of ways:

  • Through PSHE lessons, delivered once per fortnight by form tutors. CEIAG has been built into the new PSHE curriculum, with specific areas devoted to careers education.
  • Through subject lessons, built into their curriculum.
  • External speakers during form time, assemblies and special events are scheduled to come in and discuss with students the opportunities that certain careers pathways allow them.
  • Advertisement of enterprise events and open days.
  • One-to-one careers advisor interviews for each student at Key Stage 4.
  • A Careers Fair and speed networking events hosted in school.
  • Work experience

Partnerships, Parents and Carers

  • Parental/carer involvement is encouraged at all stages of CEIAG.
  • This is promoted through the school twitter account, website (including Careers News) and letters home.
  • Usually, parents and businesses within the local community are welcome to give presentations to students at certain key points throughout the year to help them understand the broad career opportunities that Ramsbottom and Bury have available.
  • The CEIAG programme is greatly enhanced through links with our local partners who help us make student learning accessible and up-to-date. As well as the links with our external IAG provider, we constantly strive to expand and improve our links with employers and other local community groups
  • Our partners also include links to colleges and training providers from around the local area, who will regularly come into school, giving assemblies, handing our information and provide application help guidance at lunchtime events.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The Careers Lead, Mrs Lomax, is responsible for reviewing and updating CEIAG at Woodhey High School.
  • This is conducted through learning walks, lesson observations, pupil voice and through our partnership agreement with the external IAG provider (reviewed annually).
  • All external partners are asked for feedback following any delivery or participation in CEIAG activities.
  • In addition, careers lessons built into our PSHE curriculum are quality assured termly by the Careers Lead

Our next review of our careers provision will take place in July 2024 in preparation for delivery from September 2024.


Useful Iinks:

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Different Careers Pathways:

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