Developing Partnerships with Local Groups and Organisations


In fulfilment of the school's mission to foster the holistic development of students, including their personal growth and skills enhancement, collaboration with the local community and parents/carers is crucial. Schools, as integral parts of the community, bear a shared responsibility in promoting cohesion and civic engagement. Parental involvement plays a pivotal role in nurturing students' life skills, conduct, and attitudes, underscoring the significance of seeking input from local stakeholders. Establishing strong community ties encourages students to feel vested in their surroundings, positively influencing their behaviour towards others.

During the lockdown period, schools embraced unique opportunities to fortify relationships with parents, extending support and fostering trust in navigating challenges. Building upon this foundation, schools are encouraged to leverage these partnerships going forward. Striving for creativity, schools should ensure equitable opportunities across year groups to engage with and learn from community members, fostering mutual understanding and shared learning experiences.

The network of personal development partners outlined below exemplifies the diverse avenues through which Woodhey enriches students' learning journeys and support their holistic growth:

Bury Safeguarding Forum
Complex Safeguarding Team
Early Break and Early Help Teams - Locality
MASH team
School Nurse
HCRG team
Bury SEND Team
Bury SEND network
William Case – hate and Mate Crime
Progressive Masculinity team
PC And – Local PC linked to school
Anti-bullying Alliance
JEP Counselling and Mentoring
JEP AP provision
UCL Beacon schools – Holocaust link
NHS team for careers
Friends of Woodhey
Gazing Red2Blue
Holy Cross
Bury College
Myerscough College
Hopwood Hall
Bolton College
Edge Hill University
Just giving
Barclays Game changer
Royal British Legion
Rotary Club
Thrive in Bury
Bury Hospice
Rail safety network
Bury School games
All feeder Primary schools
Duke of Edinburgh Award team
Ambition Institute
Bury Music Service