As a school community we aim to:

Promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing and resilience in all students and staff.

This is secured through:

  • Increasing understanding and awareness of common mental health issues across the whole school community
  • Developing resilience amongst students and raising awareness of resilience building techniques.
  • Increasing the understanding of mental health issues across the school which is supported by the RSE programme delivered by form tutors and through the whole school assembly programme.
  • Enabling staff to identify and respond to early warning signs of mental ill health in students via tutors, Heads of Year and the Pastoral team. Ensuring effective communication of these signs between staff and parents/carers.
  • Enabling staff to understand how and when to access support when working with young people with mental health issues.
  • Recognising the limitations of Woodhey’s Pastoral Team to support students at a higher level of need. Ensuring we support the students at the right level of need via the appropriate health professional based pathways and sources of support. For example, signposting students and parents to Kooth, Minds Matters, Young Minds, CAMHs.
  • Raising awareness amongst staff and gaining recognition from all staff that they themselves may have mental health issues, and that they are supported in relation to looking after their wellbeing; instilling a culture of staff and student welfare where everyone is aware of signs and symptoms with effective signposting underpinned by relationships, behaviour and welfare around school.