Woodhey High School is committed to developing children’s personal skills to live in a rapidly changing world. The Woodhey Pledge is our commitment to our students about the offer they will receive outside of their lessons to support them with this. The Pledge incorporates five key areas:


  • Careers

  • Cultural experiences

  • Community

  • Enrichment

  • Leadership


The Pledge supports students’ holistic development, providing them with the skills and experiences to supplement their academic success and prepare them appropriately for future education, training or employment.


The Woodhey Pledge

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The Excellence in Personal Development Award

Excellence in Personal Development LogoWoodhey High School is committed to achieving the Excellence in Personal Development Award. The need for teachers and parents and carers to develop children’s personal skills to live in a rapidly changing world has been recognised in educational research, forming the basis of UNESCO’s drive to teach global citizenship skills to children and young people starting with early years education.


The impact of Covid 19 on schools, children and young people’s development cannot be underestimated. Developmentally, it is thought that some younger children have regressed in their social, emotional and communication skills, as a result of the huge disruption to their schooling and social interactions. A strong personal development curriculum is therefore crucial for their development.

While academic success is one aim of schools, preparing young people for life in an increasingly complex world, so that they can manage their lives, understand their responsibilities towards themselves and others and make a positive contribution to society are key aims which will sustain them in the long term. Actively developing students’ life skills so that they can be critical thinkers, creative, tolerant and empathetic people are necessary characteristics for citizens of our modern society. Employers recognise that developed personal skills are sometimes sorely lacking among young people, hindering their chances of employment and progress. The Excellence in Personal Development Award is more than an approach to developing citizens of the 21st century, it is a way to ensure young people are equipped with the personal skills and knowledge which will help them manage risk and setbacks in their lives, as well as enhancing their wellbeing.

Working towards this award means that Woodhey High School has reviewed and improved a range of aspects of our school’s provision to improve students’ personal development and skills. Woodhey will be responsive to students, parents and carers, and other stakeholders, so that further improvements can be made. Most of all, students will be much more aware of themselves and others; respectful and empathetic. They will have a developed sense of responsibility towards their community, the environment and the world in which they live. Importantly, they will be prepared for life beyond school.