We are absolutely delighted to receive more national recognition for the excellent work of our students and staff in our team!

Over the last twelve months, the school has been working towards national accreditation for its work with regards to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) to ensure that our school community is truly inclusive for students and staff alike. Following lots of hard work, the school's work was evaluated by a team of assessors. they reviewed:

  • The school's own evaluations of itself in relation to ED&I and this compares with the points below
  • Students' perceptions of ED&I in school, including how these topics are taught, how respectful peers are of each other and how confident students are in staffs' abilities to deal with any incidents that occur
  • The perceptions of staff in relation to how staff treat each other and students
  • Our curriculum documentation to see how well ED&I is taught across a vast array of areas within the school

We are over the moon to share that the assessors noted that 'EDI is championed throughout the school,' and that the school has a clear 'commitment....to constantly seek improvement in provision'. You can read the full letter from the assessors below.

Mr Watson stated: 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is so important within our team for a number of reasons: to ensure that students and staff feel safe and welcome each morning when they come into school; and also to ensure our students are fully prepared for life after school to be respectful and tolerant citizens in society. I am exceptionally proud of the students and staff alike for the work that they have done in achieving such a prestigious accolade, but also of the students in ensuring that they welcome each other, regardless of background. Over 94% of our students shared in survey responses with the assessors how welcoming our school community is - that is truly remarkable.'