Conservation at Chester Zoo

This half term 66 Year 9 students visited Chester Zoo, relating to their "Attenborough" topic in Science, focusing on Conservation and animal adaptations. They had a great day; the weather was surprisingly warm and dry, with many of the students treating themselves to ice-cream! The elephant enclosure was a big hit, along with the monkey house. Students were captivated by the arrival of the baby Spider Monkey and the playful Chimpanzees. On a more serious note, the plight of the Orangutans was highlighted and the overuse of Palm Oil in our everyday products was an issue the students found thought-provoking. Watch this space for an upcoming Innovation project to investigate this further!


Holly told us about the trip:

'The Chester Zoo trip was great; I was really excited to go because of our recent topics being adaptation and evolution. We saw many animals and had plenty of time to read about them and take pictures of them. I was also lucky enough to have teacher who was very knowledgeable about animals in my group to tell us extra information about the animals we were looking at and how our choices as humans are impacting the animals and how we can make better choices to help animals across the world. It was planned out well, so we all got to see the animals we wanted.'